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Concealed Intent is a turn-based tactical stealth space combat game. It is available on Steam, Humble Bundle and Itch.io now.

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December 4, 2022 - permalink

Tags: General, DevDiary, ProgressReport

Ahhh, I am agonisingly close to release! This progress report is delayed a few days because I thought I could get it out yesterday. The game is complete (enough :). However, I forgot how long it takes to make a trailer video and other marketing materials. Now the plan is to release by Friday (9th). The trailer should be done on Monday, but then there is copy/images for various forums (Itch, website, IndieDB, mailing list, …) and I have decided to have another go at improving the AI time estimation function (presently it can be badly wrong).

My TODO list for the month:

  1. Release!
  2. ???
  3. Profit

The tasks completed last month were:

  • Finished Tutorial
  • Improved UI and text
  • Lots of QA/bugfixing
  • Started creating marketing materials