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September 1, 2012

Category: News

Author: Charles

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I’m back from the three day Unite12 Unity3D conference in Amsterdam. I have put my notes from the sessions up at my personal blog. Day One is here and the other days are linked from there.

Overall, the conference was a good experience and worth the trip. Going certainly engendered a sense that Unity3D is a safe choice for game development. There was a surprisingly large number of attendees. Also some big name games were produced using the tool, including the AAA and well-reviewed Endless Space - a game not entirely disimilar to Concealed Intent. The demos of Unity4 looked particularly impressive. I don’t think a small Unity developer like me need to overly worry about performance as the tool is obviously plenty fast enough. I learnt a great deal from the talks, often leaving inspired and wishing I had my full development environment available to start coding immediately. In particular, Concealed Intent may soon have camera movement very similar to Universe Sandbox, make use of structs for memory management and I now see a need to learn more about custom shaders (everyone’s doing it).

I also had my eyes opened to the business side of game development. I perhaps went to the conference too early for maximum business benefit, but then I didn’t know that until attending. It is best to go to a conference with a purpose and a message. That could be finding a publisher, advertising for contract work or just making connections. I just went to see what was happening and perhaps appeared as a dilletante, just trying out game development for fun. That is not the situation, but disproving it requires finishing Concealed Intent (or at least getting very close to finishing).


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