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October 12, 2014

Category: News

Author: Charles

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I have created a self-imposed deadline - next years GDC. Target acquired! It is all organised and booked. Now Concealed Intent needs to be largely finished before it starts on the 2nd March 2015. So what is the progress so far…

Creating the story for the single player campaign is finished. There are 10 main missions, plus a tutorial, plus an epilogue. The plan is that hopefully this should total around 4-5 hours of gameplay for a new player. However, work on balance and enemy AI still needs to be done to ensure this (the game is too fast and not stealthy enough at the moment). Working out the story allows me to start creating the maps and the ships (with appropriate components). That allows me to look at hiring a 3D artist to create nice in-game representations for them.

On other art, the menu work has begun. I can only hope that it has as large an effect on player perceptions as improving the GUI. The menu work is being done by the same artist as the GUI. It was nice to meet them to finish up the GUI work. They suggested fewer fixes and changes than I had expected. Also, they expressed excitement about seeing their designs in the game and being able to play it too (plus their name was already in the credits). I found that exciting too - I feel more confident that the game is good.

I’m also starting to plan for when the game is complete and I need to start selling it. Obscurity is likely to be the biggest problem. There are many good indie games out there and the main task will be to let people know mine even exists. Part of that plan is to publish to social media more often - including blogs. However, that does not not necessarily mean this blog. There are other sites like Gamasutra that more people read. I will start writing a series of posts to introduce Concealed Intent and post them wherever I can - including here.

I’d better get started!