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November 11, 2014

Category: News

Author: Charles

Starting Marketing Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

It is time to start thinking about marketing Concealed Intent. I’m not a natural marketer. I don’t talk smoothly about my game and enjoy contacting people to let them know about it. I have to force myself to write blog posts - it’s for the good of the game. The recent Games In Asia event ended with the offer of letting audience members give a brief 2 minute talk on any of their gamedev issues. My first thought was “I’m glad I have nothing to say”. Then I remembered one of the reasons for attending was to find 3D artists (more on my search in a later posting). I reluctantly stood up to ask for 3D artists interested in helping to contact me. In my nervousness I forgot an important point (it was paid work). Afterwards my hands were shaking a little. I’m fine talking in public when prepared, but not so good when unprepared.

This is my preparation. A mailing list signup has been added to this website and to the Facebook page. There will also be more regular updates to Facebook and Twitter @JarrahTech - but not too often (posting should come naturally, not forced or spam-like).

Next comes a plan to combat obscurity - the greatest threat to indie games. The good word on Concealed Intent will be spread by blog posts. Not just here of course - very few new people would find them. Instead they will go on places like Gamasutra and any others I can find. They will also be posted here with the tag “Syndicated”. I will endeavor to keep a regular stream of them coming.