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February 18, 2015

Category: News

Author: Charles

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This appeared first at the Concealed Intent TIGSource DevBlog

“The life of an indie dev is always INTENSE!”

— Apologies to Alex Cox

Alright, not quite as intense as the life of a repo man, but still never boring. I’m always learning something new. In the past week I have been a copywriter, project manager (for outsourced art), marketer, tester, film editor, and even amateur artist. Note, for many days now I haven’t been a programmer, despite that being my primary skillset.

This has all been because of my “big nail” development process for Concealed Intent. This basically means that I focus on the main issue of the moment, whatever it is. As the sole dev on this project, my attention can only be on one item at a time. Earlier this month that was the tutorial (again). For the last week or so, the big nail has been preparing for a Steam Greenlight campaign. I commissioned work on a logo (see at the top of the games page). Worked on improved skyboxes. Downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro and created my first trailer.

That last item took some time. The resulting video is below. Not bad for a first attempt, I think so anyway.

Then came my first animated gif. That wasn’t so successful, but the second was good enough to use as an icon.

With all the artwork complete, it was time to complete a Greenlight submission. I did that about 6 hours ago. Now I am a professional reload button clicker. Seriously, I have clicked reload every few minutes since it went live. It took about 10 minutes before anyone voted for it - a nervous time. It is currently on 41 “yes” votes.

The idea that 41 people (well actually 40, because I voted for myself) think Concealed Intent is a game worth seeing on Steam is utterly amazing to me. I feel a little burst of apprehension whenever I put up something about the game. I try to do this regularly now to help overcome any concerns. It works, but seeing (currently) 42 people voting for it works even better! Now I’m super motivated - I will finish!

Next up is more work on the tutorial. Then I’m looking forward to getting back to some coding with gameplay balancing, online work and finishing a first draft of all the campaign missions.

Which is all a long winded way of saying, Concealed Intent is on Greenlight - vote for it here!

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