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May 8, 2015

Category: News

Author: Charles

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One of the difficulties in creating Concealed Intent is how to handle 3D. Often when showing the game to people, the ability to fly your ship up and down seems the hardest to understand. The plan was to copy Homeworld’s movement and waypoint selection system, but early comments from the latest round of testers suggested that was not enough. So after a short discussion on reddit’s /r/gamedev, I decided to more shamelessly copy Homeworld 2’s movement system. The idea being to more strongly signal perspective in the game and easier controls.

A disc showing the horizontal plane now appears when selecting waypoints. The marker displaying the height above/below the horizontal is now much clearer. Also the player can start moving up down by holding down the right mouse button (as well as the previous method of holding down a CTRL key). The amount of movement up/down is now directly linked to mouse movement rather than a fancy (and fragile) 3D geometry calculation. Finally once wayponts have been set, it is now possible to click and drag the last waypoint to a new position (an idea given by a tester through the feedback system).

Want to see all that in action? Watch the video below.

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