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July 18, 2015

Category: News

Author: Charles

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When is Concealed Intent “done”? This is something I’ve been thinking about since being Greenlit. It would be very easy for me to just keep going forever, aiming for a level of perfection that can never be achieved. Alternatively, I could just stop and give up. At various times during development, both these possibilities have appealed. However, the goal for Concealed Intent is for it to be financially successful enough to warrant creating another game. Although the idea of taking someone’s money for Concealed Intent scares me immensely, it is essential if I’m to continue, so I’ll aim for the best game I can (in order not to disappoint paying customers), that can be finished soon’ish (2.5 years is long enough).

There are two pages of “todo & wishlist” items on my workdesk. Not all can be done in a reasonable time period. A balance needs to be found. Now is the time to boil them down to the things absolutely necessary for wider release. Then fit them into a (hopefully) fortnightly release schedule.

  • 17th July - v0.9.10: Final set of ship components, new “right-click to move to …” system, and get online prototype working again.
  • 31st July - v0.9.11: Rework some parts of GUI, like the stats panel and loadout screens.
  • 14th August - v0.9.12: 1v1 online play and supporting screens.
  • 28th August - v0.9.13: Steam integration, 3 extra missions and some AI rework.
  • ?? September - Profit! (or at least, Steam Early Access!)

There are a few other significant changes on the todo list which I won’t do until after reaching Early Access. There are also a number of unmentioned small issues that will be done around the larger items on this plan.

Observant readers will notice these plans start with a release yesterday. Behold! It can be downloaded here. So far, so good. Below is an image of the old stats panel (to be updated next) with the new components. Can you work out what they do? They are the 5 icons underneath “Sensors/Weapons”, although they are neither sensors or weapons - that text will change.

In the leadup to getting on Steam, I’ll have to start marketing again and reaching out to people. One of the benefits of being Greenlit was I could let marketing slide for a while and focus on finishing Concealed Intent. Soon, I’ll have to go back to time-intensive PR activities and consequently dev work will slow again. Another reason to get these major items off the todo list. The addition of online play and extra missions will mean the original vision for Concealed Intent will be complete. The only extra “nice to have” functionality will be full modding support. However, that will take far too long and so have to wait for a future update - if the game is successful.

Better get back to development!

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