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November 11, 2015

Category: News

Author: Charles

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It is time to bite the bullet and set a release date:

19 th November 2015

On that day Concealed Intent with be released onto Steam Early Access. The price will be US$14.99 (or whatever Steam converts that into for your local currency), but there will be a 20% discount for the first week. Note that Early Access does not meant the game is finished. Quite the opposite, it means that work is ongoing and that I hope that players will help me by leaving feedback - especially on game balance.

I’ve also kept up a background marketing task, I now have more places on the web details on the game can be found. So many it is getting hard to keep track of them all! Anyway here are the new ones:

One thing I have already discovered about releasing a game, is that you are immediately deluged with people asking for free copies, usually in return for a review. I don’t mind this, but it does take some time to go through them and ensure they are genuine. Unfortunately most cannot be confirmed, and with the scourge of key resellers ever present, I am hesitant to give a key (or multiple keys as is usually requested). My advice to people requesting keys is firstly, make it clear and easily checked you are who you say you are. Secondly, ask for a single key unless you have a good (and explicit stated) reason for more.