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May 14, 2016

Category: News

Author: Charles

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I’ve just gotten the neutral unknowns system working in Concealed Intent. This is where all ships that have not yet been categorised are displayed as neutrals in yellow (unless the neutral colour has been modified). Upon categorisation, ships are shown with their real identification code and colour.

Unknown neutral ships are identified as enemies.

Going back to the plan out of early access, this is the last of the features mentioned for the release version. In a week or so, after testing, the next version (#30) will have 2 new skirmish modes: savior, where the player has to keep civilian shuttles safe, as well as defeat the enemy; and, waves, with endless waves of enemies spawning until the player’s base is destroyed (but the player’s ships regenerate until then). Savior mode will always include the neutral unknown system, so the player is not sure if a ship is friend-or-foe until they are identified. In other skirmish types the neutral system is not very useful (as all unknown ships must be enemies, at least at first) so it will be turned off. Previous versions of Concealed Intent saw updated campaign and tutorial missions, plus the multi-monitor fix.

Thus Concealed Intent is now feature complete, at least as far as its release is concerned.

Not to say there is nothing left to do! There is of course the list of ongoing tasks. After next week’s version there will be at least one more containing just tweaks and bugfixes - this will be the release candidate (aiming for mid-June).

Ongoing work:

  • Bugfixes
  • Minor mission improvements
  • Improvements to Skirmish “Hard AI”

After that there are no planned updates, but if a bug appears I’ll put out a fix. It also means the plan towards a release sometime in August is still on track (yay!). Thus marketing will start to take an increasing large percentage of my time. After the release other tasks will be considered, but no promises.

Possible features for after release:

  • Non-Steam non-DRM version
  • Linux version
  • Steam turn notifications