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July 5, 2016

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Author: Charles

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Concealed Intent will leave Early Access and become fully released to Steam on Tuesday 2 August 3pm GMT (8am Pacific Time & 11pm where I am in Malaysia) - here is the store link. The original plan was to release a week later, but it appears a little game called No Man’s Sky is released that day. It seemed best to go a week early. I’ll need to get going on marketing quickly.

Also, if you enjoy the game, writing a positive Steam review is hugely useful. I would be greatly appreciative, please consider it.

I pledge Concealed Intent will NOT be bundled for at least 12 months after release. So that is 2nd August 2017 at the earliest. I have been asked a few times about bundling, so I thought I should say publicly what I have previously said in private.

So to the plan. I have spotted 3 cosmetic issues in Concealed Intent. I will fix those and anything else that comes up with the 1.0 release in a couple of weeks. After that I hope to pause development while working on letting people know this game exists. However, if there any any breaking bugs I will drop everything to get them fixed ASAP. Assuming it all goes well, a fortnight after release I will start working on a 1.1 release. This will be at a lower intensity than my EA work as I will also be prototyping a couple of new ideas at the same time. I’ll provide an ETA later on when it will be out, but expect the 1.1 release a couple to a few months after the initial release.

Possible (no promises) 1.1 features:

  • Any fixes & balancing required
  • Linux version
  • Steam turn notification
  • Extra campaign missions
  • Extra skirmish objectives + tentative contacts