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September 11, 2016

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

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It has been a little while since my last update, so I thought I should let people know what is happening with Concealed Intent. Previously I wrote about creating some prototypes and having time off. Both those achievements have been unlocked! If you would like to see my thoughts on prototypes, look here. After that I said there would be a month’s work on a 1.1 release, trying to get as far down this list as possible:

  • Small backend improvements to the client and server code
  • Cosmetic and control improvements, as suggested through player feedback
  • Linux support
  • Steam turn notifications
  • Balance & extra campaign missions
  • Extra skirmish mode making better use of tentative contacts and neutral unknowns
  • Online improvements

Work began on this list at the start of September. Thus I will stop developing and start testing at the end of this month. Assuming no big issues are found, I’m still on track for an October release.

So how am I progressing with the list? Firstly, there were a couple of things not considered. On the positive side, there was a 1.0.1 release that contained many of the Cosmetic and control improvements, so much of that task was done before I began. On the downside, my hard drive crashed the day I planned to start work, costing me a couple of days productivity (keep your backups up to date!). Also, I forgot to add bugfixes into that todo list. Thanks to more testing and the good work of a couple of players (obliviondoll and FridayBiology were particularly helpful) a few extra bugs were discovered and have (or will be) fixed as a priority.

So how is that list actually looking as of today?

  • Small backend improvements - the main things here are an automated build system and better feedback management. Both are complete, and while players will notice little difference, both should save me loads of time to work on other tasks. There are lots of other backend tasks that need to be done, but I will probably leave them until later.
  • Cosmetic and control improvements - most of these were done as part of 1.0.1. A few more have been done (most notably an onscreen shielding effect). There is one item outstanding, but I haven’t scoped it yet - I’ll try to work out if it is possible in the coming week.
  • Linux support - There is now a Linux build for internal testing, so far it has performed just like the PC/Mac version with the exception of a few cosmetic issues. This task is looking good. Strangely, my Linux version has issues with anti-aliasing which has meant the height-markers for all versions have needed to change.
  • Bugfixes - there are now four minor bugs outstanding I’ll be starting work on over the next week. A few other minor bug fixes will be in the next release, plus a major online game fix that has already been released. Please let me know if you see anything “weird” or “wrong”.
  • Steam turn notifications - Just started work on this and the documentation is making a great deal more sense than the last time I looked. Confident I can get it done.
  • Balance & extra campaign missions - a little balance work has been done (coolers will be nerfed in 1.1) and I have ideas for more things here, but am currently uncertain if I should do an extra couple of missions or a new skirmish type first - I might only have time for one (but will of course try for both).
  • Extra skirmish mode making better use of tentative contacts and neutral unknowns - see above, if you have any ideas let me know.
  • Online improvements - probably will not make it far enough to do anything here, but if I do it will be something small

There it is. I would say progress so far is better than expected (especially considering the hard drive crash), but who knows how things will go for the remainder of the month. In any case, be assured I am working hard trying to improve the game!