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August 28, 2020

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

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Another 5 weeks done, but with slow progress. The plan was to have Abstract Hex Battle largely complete. It is not. There is a little more to do with progression mechanics, balance and animations. The plan now is to do all those plus the AI during this 5 week block. The delay is caused by a week of low productivity, another week given over to tax and other life problems, and more time than expected on the (hopefully) common tools. On the plus side I did manage to write the 3 blog posts (here is the first on The Philosophy of Jarrah Technology).

Over the next 5 weeks:

  • Abstract Hex Battle should be complete. Including AI, full game progression mechanics & animations.

This means the 5 weeks after should be:

  • Any last minute prettying up of the game and bugfixes.
  • Release (probably to Itch.io initially)