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December 14, 2020

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

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I am just back from a fortnight’s holiday on WA’s Coral Coast, so time again to look back at what was done and what is coming up.

The couple of months leading up to the holiday were focussed on animations. This has taken much longer than expected, and there are still a couple to be finished, but the hard work has been completed. I have relearnt an important lesson that had been forgotten. Game systems which allow delays in actions for animations to occur are quite different to systems where everything happens instantaneously. Converting from the latter to the former took the unexpected extra time. In future, unless I am developing a definitely throwaway prototype, it will be best to start with the system that can handle delays. Doing that from the start will take much less time overall. There were a couple of other similar things discovered the hard way.

The next two weeks are going to be a write-off for decent work time. Between Christmas, New Years, and some required home maintenance, I doubt much progress will be made. I’ve decided not to stress about this and instead start the next 5 week period from the week after Christmas. Same targets as before.

Over the next 2+5 weeks:

  • Finish animations.
  • AI, build system & error handling.
  • Improve balance and feel of the game
  • Make the game much prettier and come up with a name.

This means the period after should be:

  • Prepare marketing materials & limited buildup with a plan
  • Release to testers. Setup on Itch.io & create a build system