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February 5, 2021

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

New Year, New Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

As expected December was a bad month for progress on my new game. However, January went much better. All the animations I wanted to add plus some extras have been completed. Of course along the way I thought of some more, but they will be for later. The gameplay UI has been cleaned up and looks reasonable now (for a programmer anyway). As a result the game is now 2-player only (originally it allowed upto 4 players) as I couldn’t work out how to do a nice UI for more players. Also, I fixed some annoying bugs. There are still a couple of bugs outstanding, but nothing that should crash the game.

Abstract Hex Battle WIP

We are back in lockdown here in Perth. Based on previous experience this gives me more time, but less productivity. So now is the occasion to start the slow work of cleaning up the menus, screen sizing, tooltips and audio - not hard, just time consuming. Then think about balance and feel, since moving to 2-player has made the gameplay feel flat in places. It needs to be amped up with various modifiers. I have some ideas.

And the game still needs a name!

Over the next 4 weeks:

  • Improve balance and feel of the game
  • Make the game much prettier and come up with a name.


  • AI, build system & error handling.

And after that:

  • Prepare marketing materials & limited buildup with a plan
  • Release to testers. Setup on Itch.io & create a build system