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May 4, 2021

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Abandon and Restart - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

I have abandoned the Abstract Hex Battle project, for now. I started working on the AI and I just couldn’t get it to work properly. The problem was caused by some unfortunate design decisions made early in the project in order to get it up and running quickly. Now those were blocking forward movement. I started reworking the internals for a day, but then stopped. I was not sufficiently excited by the project to put in the effort required to fix it.

For the last fortnight I have been extracting the useful common code and prefabs from Abstract Hex Battle to use as a base for future games. That has gone quite well. Good enough that I extended the work to build in localisation and other extras. There is a little more to do on this task. After that I plan to start a couple of games (maybe a quick rewrite of AHB and/or CI2D) to prove the common code works before starting the next proper project.

I also started prototyping a card game, IPO. I had the original idea for this game several years ago (see here), but couldn’t get it to work in playtests. A couple of weeks ago I had an idea which may fix the initial problems. Now it is time to see if the game can be saved. I hope so, because it is a cool idea combined with an interesting mechanic. Plus, it can be paper prototyped so iterative improvements will be fast and easy to test (much better than a PC game!).

Over the next 5 weeks:

  • Extract and Improve common code & prefabs from AHB, including simulation engine and card libraries
  • Prototype IPO
  • Restart AHB as proof-of-concept for the common libraries


  • ??? (profit!)