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July 1, 2021

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Fast Start, Slow End - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

The start of this month was a rush. I left myself a long TODO list at the end of last month, and I was enthused to get started. First was the hex libraries: done and looking good, ready for an example project. Next was a second IPO prototype: that went well and showed promise, although there are still serious gameplay problems. Then I started working on improving the screen sizing libraries.

Which is where everything ground to a halt.

Not because I got stuck. I got demotivated. The sizing work is boring and just needs to be ground through. But it was hard going. Then I got sick (not Covid), and now there is a lockdown (Covid) here again. I’m not feeling much va-va-voom.

Also still thinking about what to do. SAAS seems like a nice idea and something technically well within my abilities, but now I’m concerned by maintenance/support issues if I’m not around. Similarly, I’m having second thoughts about Unity3D. Working on the sizing stuff reminds me of various issues I have with it and how I am using an old version. I will probably just keep with it as I can’t think of anything better which doesn’t invole a lot of learning/rewriting (other engines like Unreal) or the same issues as SAAS (HTML5). Hmmm.

Over the next month:

  • Extract and improve common code & prefabs from AHB, mainly the card libraries. Then work on examples in the form of simple games (like AHB v2).
  • Try a third IPO prototype.
  • Decide which projects to pursue immediately, and which to put on pause.