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December 6, 2021

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Housework - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

Did you notice I missed a month? October started well with work on cleaning up the display before adding drag and drop (the main game mechanism). There was also some work to improve the config options and putting the source repo on a remote server so I can work anywhere with Internet (not just on my home PC). Then by the end of that month everything stopped, and stayed stopped through November. There are now three people living in this house and it took some time cleaning up and fixing various things in readiness for their arrival. Followed by more tasks as they settled in. Hopefully all that is finished now (apart from this Wednesday afternoon) and I can get back to work.

Over the next month (same as last time):

  • Work on SHD (and have basic play possible)
  • Create IPO prototype version 4
  • Decide which projects to pursue immediately, and which to put on pause.