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January 2, 2022

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Standstill - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

As we ring in the new year, it occurred to me that my current game is about at the same playable state as this time last year. Hmmmm. Of course, I now have a reusable library (hopefully, the test will be in the reuse) and the code is much nicer. However, it seems as bit poor to make no progress on the ultimate measure of a game - its playability and fun.

Over the last month the game has become playable again. The turn structure is in and stamps complete. I’ve have also replaced the health/strength/time displays with shader based radial sprites, rather than the weird looking 3D line drawings in a 2D world. Work has now started on the player UI - my worst gamedev skill.

There has been no work on IPO, but I am getting more ideas for various games. I need to get this one finished before my interest wanes, as I feel it doing. I started December with a rush, but that slowed greatly over the fortnight for Christmas and New Years. I need to get back that previous productivity. Time sinks over the next month include a ton of house issues (old houses!), but thanks to the current pandemic lockdown and heatwave, exercise time is minimal.

Over the next month:

  • Work on SHD (get UI working)
  • Create IPO prototype version 4
  • Decide which projects to pursue immediately, and which to put on pause.