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March 1, 2022

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Short Month, Record Hours - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

Despite being the shortest month of the year, the February was my best for hours worked. Mainly due to one week being almost full-time on the game - the benefit of it being too hot to be outside (ahh, I love my A/C). I’m not going to publicise the hours I worked - it is still well below my (already low) target. However, in the last report I wrote that I hoped to complete: targetting, shooting, extra actions, handle the end of a game, and unlocks. I did all of that and more: context sensitive tooltips and some framework niceties.

Unfortunately, this month is not expected to be as productive. There are several house related tasks that got paused waiting for more inclement temperatures - and today the weather turned! Despite this I expect good progress as the biggest task remaining is the AI, and after no further significant functionality is planned (online multiplayer would be such an item, but I’d want to have a version on stores before starting that). Instead, it is all things to make the game prettier and nicer. Thus, I have added a couple of new tasks to the possibles for the month - new prototypes and some library work.

Over the next month:

  • Work on SHD (play screen, AI, playability improvements)
  • Create IPO prototype version 4
  • Decide which projects to pursue immediately, and which to put on pause.
  • First paper prototypes for the next 1 or 2 games
  • Common library work (card and backporting SHD stuff)