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April 5, 2022

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Sticking Point? - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

I have now reached the same point in SHD where I stopped AHB (the “prototype” that went too far). When I decided to stop and restart, I estimated that the work required to fix the problems would take weeks and not be worth the effort. I think the same work will take a week or two with SHD - much better. Also, once done it should be reusable for other turn-based gamedev. Of course I reached that point less half way through the last month, so why isn’t it finished? Well, I haven’t started yet. Instead those distractions (household work and a one week holiday) I mentioned last month took focus. Knowing this was going to happen I worked on tabletop prototypes and little tasks.

Last month’s completed tasks:

  • IPO v4 prototype (unplayed)
  • Ci2D v1 prototype (unplayed)
  • Level loading system & screen
  • Simple AI
  • Audio setup

Over the next month:

  • Improve and componentise/abstract the action system and AI (basically build a reusable simulation engine as a backend component)
  • Fix infinite mode, separate random mode, and rearrange unlocks
  • Better AI
  • Play new prototypes