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May 2, 2022

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Author: Charles

Refactoring - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

April was a month of steady progress. I managed to get 3 games of the IPO prototype played and one of the Ci2d prototype. All went surprisingly well considering expectations. In particular the Ci2d prototype was not completely broken, it played (as intended) like a simplified version of the original - definitely will put some more work into a v2. The mechanics of IPO are fairly steady now. The game drags a little in the mid-game, but that is because I removed some of the more interactive cards (I hope). Now I will try to derive a formula for card strength and add back the interesting cards so combos can be built.

The rework of SHD’s engine is continuing. It works and is so pretty. Now it just needs to be fully implemented and the old code removed. Hopefully that will complete be before the end of this month. Strangely the new system went through a few design changes to handle cases I didn’t initially consider, and now it looks a lot like the engine in CI (just more abstract). Hmmmm.

Last month’s completed tasks:

  • Played IPO v4 prototype x3
  • Played Ci2D v1 prototype x1
  • Rework engine

Over the next month:

  • Finish work to improve and componentise/abstract the action system, plus AI (basically build a reusable simulation engine as a backend component)
  • Fix infinite mode, separate random mode, and rearrange unlocks
  • Better AI
  • Play new prototypes