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August 1, 2022

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Joining The Club - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

In July I joined the club - the Covid19 club. Luckily it was a fairly mild case but it still stopped work for nearly a fortnight (2 days in bed, a few days feeling sick and then a week super-tired). As a result I did very few hours on SHD, especially since the few hours I did spend coding were for the /r/roguelikedev annual tutorial event (repo, playable version).

So achievements are light this months. I have completed weeks 2 through 5 in the /r/roguelikedev challenge, with only 3 more weeks left. It has been worth doing (learning Javascript can only be useful) and without the structure I doubt I would have bothered. Given me a few more ideas to add to the list. As for SHD, I added and hooked up all the remaining planned unlocks/achievements. Plus a few bugfixes, that is it.

SHD tasks for the coming month are the same as last month: AI and cleanup. I’ll hopefully also get to move the websites, and of course, the last 3 weeks of the r/roguelikedev event.

Last month’s completed tasks:

  • Wk 2-5 /r/roguelikedev tutorial event
  • All unlocks/achievements done
  • Some bugfixes

Over the next month:

  • Full AI
  • Little improvements & bugfixes
  • Next version of prototypes
  • Move websites/repos to free hosts
  • Online component
  • complete r/roguelikedev tutorial event