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September 1, 2022

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

The point has been reached where the end is so near, I find my attention waning and drifting to other projects. This month I spent nearly a record low number of hours on SHD, and yet my todo list is still quite short. Today I went through the list of ideas/issues/features remaining. Most are not worth doing, or are code improvements for the next game (they will make no significant difference to this one). The ones left I grouped by theme and numbered by importance - the last is #5. The first is the long-planned full AI; second is the online componenent. The others are not worth mentioning.

So what did I do this past month? The first couple of weeks was spent finishing off the r/roguelikedev tutorial event (see this post for more info). Then I spent some (too much!) time moving all my websites from Linode to GitHub Pages. Not because I’m unhappy with Linode (they have been great), but to same time by not managing my own virtual servers for a couple of simple static websites. Then I did a little daydreaming of ideas. Lastly a few hours fixing up bugs, tooltips and unlocks before starting work on the AI.

SHD tasks for the coming month are to just finish the damn thing (maybe not this month, but hopefully next).

Last month’s completed tasks:

  • Little improvements & bugfixes
  • Move websites/repos to free hosts
  • r/roguelikedev tutorial event complete (see this post to play)
  • Multi-frame AI framework

Over the next month:

  • Full AI
  • Little improvements & bugfixes
  • Next version of prototypes
  • Online component
  • Try not to get distracted