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November 1, 2022

Category: Posts

Author: Charles

Now Or Never - Progress Report Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

A little change to format in this progress report. Rather than say what I hope to achieve, instead the below list is SHD’s remaining tasks (in order). It is also my current plan. The goal is the release of SHD to Itch.io by the end of the month. That is it. This section comes first, because I’m focussed on the finish. Tasks 1 & 4 may take some time; the rest should be fairly straightforward (fingers crossed).

  1. Tutorial
  2. Translations: remove non-english and check text
  3. Possible small changes: should blast self-destruct? how many levels use dumb AI?
  4. Clean/test/build
  5. Itch.io: build, screenshots, cover image & release

Last month I ruthlessly culled the list of remaining tasks. This game need to be finished ASAP. The AI component is good enough. I could work on it for many months if I wanted, but won’t. The online component is dropped, the feedback screen is gone. The project’s README file now has over a dozen other possible small improvements, plus a few of bigger ones (but was online play ever a real possibility?). I don’t expect to revisit them.

The tasks completed last month were:

  • Finished AI
  • Completed UI sizing for different screen sizes (this took most of the time, especially tracking down a DPI scaling bug)
  • Updated splash screen
  • Bugfixes
  • Started on tutorial

Anyway, time to get back to it!