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February 2, 2023

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Author: Charles

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There was a surprise with the JarrahTech end of month summary. I was expecting to require a whole load of excuses why I did so few hours of work. I still have those excuses (I have been spending many hours doing maintenance on the house), but it turns out they are not needed. Without realising it, I have spend a respectable amount of time completing a basic generic game server. It was a mostly enjoyable process where I tried out a load of new libraries and technologies, so maybe that is why the time just disappeared?

Anyway, the generic server is largely done. The functionality needed at this stage is all there, but a couple of unexpected Docker related issues came up in a test deploy (database replication and external logging). When they are done I’ll write the integration into SHD and then the patch release. Still looking good for this month. I’m not sure I chose the best technology for the server, but I’m not redoing it now - maybe later.

I also had a chat with people about what game I should develop next. In a complete non-surprise it will be Concealed Intent 2D (a working title, not the final name). It will combine the stealth focused synchronous turn-based spaceship combat of Concealed Intent with a procgen rogue-like and on a flat 2D map (rather than full 3D). Two other ideas also caught people’s attention. As a result there may be some background work on the IPO card game, and maybe a little experimentation towards something else.

Done last month:

  • Finished generic game server (stats, feedback, news, etc …)
  • Chose Concealed Intent 2D (ci2d) as my next project

Tasks for this month:

  • Deploy generic game server
  • Work on (and hopefully complete) a 1.1 patch release for SHD