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March 1, 2023

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Author: Charles

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February was a solid month. Nothing flashy or fancy, but just clearing the task list. Not bad considering I lost probably 4-5 complete days to tasks around the house. A couple of interesting issues arose. It turns out that the version of .Net Unity 5.6 uses does not support TLS1.2+ so doesn’t work on recent web services - like the host I deployed the generic server. That took a little fiddling to get working. Before working out a solution, for a couple of days, I thought the whole thing would need to be scrapped - I was not a happy boy! Also realised I needed to change the server to build-in internationalisation of strings - that was was fiddly, but not hard.

The SHD patch release is not done, but very close. Now I just need to: finish up the tutorial changes; record a video of me doing the tutorial; and then final testing. There is a good chance this will be complete in early March. Then hopefully my Internet will hold up long enough to do a little marketing. I’ll be losing a week due to holidays, so just those few tasks are the goals for the month. If there is time after that there always things to do: start Ci2d; improve the generic server; write libraries. I’ll work it out when the time comes.

Done last month:

  • Generic game server deployed and integrated with SHD using a replicated DB
  • Reorganised SHD code to split out a Common Unity Toolkit as a submodule
  • AI Timeout & other improvements in SHD
  • Started on SHD tutorial rework

Tasks for this month:

  • Release SHD 1.1 and market it a little