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March 12, 2023

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Author: Charles

Space Hex Duel 1.1 Released! Twitter Facebook Share on Google+

Space Hex Duel

The 1.1 patch of Space Hex Duel is now released and out on Itch.io (and still PWYW - effectively free!). It is actually quite small release, there were no game breaking bugs, so this is mainly “quality of life” improvements. Normally this would be version 1.0.1, but there are a couple of extra screens to support an online connection (feedback page, news display on the main page), so I bumped it to 1.1. Other notable changes include: a timeout on the good AI so It doesn’t sit for minutes in hard situations looking for the best possible move; and a reworded tutorial with a YouTube video (embedded at the bottom of this post) for those who just want to jump straight in. The full changelist is below.

Next up I should start some prototyping work for my next game. Although I’m considering releasing Space Hex Duel to Steam at some point, which will require a few extra tasks. So maybe a 1.2 release in a few months to add those?

Space Hex Duel 1.1.0 (13th March 2023)

  • Add Online support (if no connection do nothing and continue)
    • Add feedback page
    • Add JarrahTech news box
    • Collect anonymous stats on player progress and locale
  • AI
    • if shooting does not destroy anything, then try the next base’s shooting rather than check if a drop is possible (as no new spaces will have appeared)
    • time limit stored in config file (timeout_seconds), defaults to 15 seconds - use the best plan found so far if time expires
    • try (a little) not to put bases that will be immediately destroyed right next to the players home
  • Change Tutorial text and ensure colours and controls referred to are correct when displayed
  • Code signed the executable (with a self-created certificate)
  • Make tutorial skippable and add a link to a YouTube video of the tutorial
  • Dropped bombs make a small explosion even if they don’t destroy what they are on
  • Set explosions to be at the top of the render queue so they are not hidden by planets/bases
  • Fix tooltip for unclaimed powerup hexes
  • Stop unlocks running over menu if there are lots of them on game over screen
  • Give different enemy types different names

  • Website
  • Presskit
  • Storefront