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Space Hex Duel

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A turn-based game of strategy and careful positioning.

In Space Hex Duel you place tetris-like hex pieces onto a board to claim territory which become attack bases to defeat your enemy. You can see your opponent's next pieces, so you have out think them as you plan your moves across a board with various powerups and traps.

Battle over 9 maps (plus tutorial) in Player-vs-Enemy mode or against friends in Hotseat Head-to-Head Player-vs-Player mode. Play for as long as you want in Infinite mode. Track your progress with 36 badges to mark in-game achievements.

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December 9, 2022

Tags: SpaceHexDuel, ProgressReport, DevDiary

Space Hex Duel

It is done! Space Hex Duel is now available on Itch.io as a Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW) download (suggested donation: US$2). I recommend interested people download it for free, and if they enjoy it and would like to say thankyou, then go back and donate. I chose PWYW as a test - to get as many people as possible playing and see if it has any potential. Also, because it has not been playtested by anyone other than myself - hopefully there will not be many issues.

For the basic marketing material see above and:

So what next?

The first task will be to let people know the game is released. Time to dust off my mailing list and Twitter/Mastodon accounts. Probably a few other places too. If nothing else it is good practice. Next, fix any bugs that come up. Since I should have tons of time apart from bugfixing (fingers crossed), I need to decide what to do next. I have 5 possibilities, from the obvious (Concealed Intent 2D) to the unusual (not telling yet!). I also need to decide if I should release this game to Steam. I’m tempted, just because Steam is so big compared to everyone else in PC games that if it is not there then the game will be obscure. However, releasing to Steam will require some extra work, and I don’t want to start that yet. Instead I will mostly spend the few weeks mostly on just-for-fun programming and household tasks. The plan being to start the new year on the next game (and if decide to do it, Steam).

Happy Holidays.